OT8 successfully removes “century old” oil contamination

NEWS ot8 docks

Our biological oil stain remover OT8 has been successfully used to remove “century old” oil contamination from the walls and basement of a listed building in Gloucester Docks, UK.

The Britannia Warehouse within the Gloucester Docks UK built in 1861 has recently been converted to prestigious office accommodation.

During its re-development the contractor Barnwood Construction of Gloucester discovered oil contamination within the basement foundation and extending through the interior brick walls to a height of 2 metres above ground level.

The oil contamination was believed to have been absorbed into the building structure during the working life of the building first as a grain storage facility and latterly as a marine workshop.

Local building services contractor Urban Environmental Services of Gloucester were approached to remove the oil. Peter Jordan of Urban selected OT8 Biological Oil Stain Remover as a result of a web search.

Peter, supported by Oil Technics Product Sales Manager Garth Perkins, applied over a period of 12 weeks some 600 litres of OT8 and successfully degraded in-situ the oil (which had penetrated to a depth of 12 − 15 inches (30−38 cm) into the one hundred year old brickwork.

As a result of Urban Environmental's action, building redevelopment was allowed and the Old Britannia Warehouse's conversion into a modern office complex was successful.

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