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Biological Oil Stain Remover - Hard Surfaces

A powerful, environmentally friendly, non-toxic biological oil cleaner and degreaser.

Why choose OT8?

  • One of the most effective products on the market: 100% product satisfaction guaranteed
  • Quick and easy: supplied ready to use and works in minutes!
  • Non-toxic and low hazard: safe for the user and the environment
  • VOC free: non-flammable and will not contribute to climate change
  • Readily biodegradable: 61% BOD/COD
  • Versatile: suitable for use on a wide variety of surfaces, indoors and outdoors
  • Trusted: used by many companies and satisfied customers for over twenty years
  • Environmentally friendly: biological and biodegradable
  • New improved formulation! Reformulated for improved effectiveness and reduced hazard profile - find out more here.

Now you can see OT8 in action for yourself! Watch our Youtube video here.


Please note: OT8 is not suitable for use on hydraulic fluid, wood, synthetic or mineral oils.

For oil stains on tarmac and asphalt surfaces, use Bio TA.

A comparison of the Old & New OT8 Formulations

Old D-Limonene formulation

New formulation

  •  D-Limonene content

Contains D-Limonene

Contains no D-Limonene

  •  Hazard statements

H411: Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects.



 H317: May cause an allergic skin reaction.


  H319: Causes serious eye irritation.

H319: Causes serious eye irritation.

  H315: Causes skin irritation   N/A
  •  Toxicity & persistence
Toxic to aquatic organisms and toxic to soil organisms.  Negligible ecotoxicity 
  •  Biodegradability
Not biodegradable.

Readily biodegradable:

57% BOD/COD ratio (20 day)

  •  VOC content
 < 30%  Zero
  •  Flash point
 >93˚C  N/A
  •  Label pictograms

 GHS07 Exclamation mark


GHS07 Exclamation mark



GHS09 Environmental



Corrosive label


N /A

 Why did we make these changes?

  • Reduce environmental impact - biodegradable, non-toxic and with no potential for bioaccumulation
  • Increase performance - new OT8 has higher solvency value for effective cleaning properties, offering 10 times the solvency of our old OT8!
  • Removal of D-Limonene - under REACH, D-Limonene is now classified as hazardous to the user, hazardous for the environment and hazardous for transport. Our new solvent has 10 times the solvency of D-Limonene but with no environmental or user hazard classifications!


Effective & powerful

  • Removes stains caused by leaks, spills, splashes or drips of hydrocarbon liquids including oil, diesel and power steering fluid - OT8 is even effective in removing old, embedded stains

Environmentally friendly

  • Non-toxic, VOC free and with no potential for bioaccumulation

Safe to use

  • Non-flammable and with low hazard profile - requires no special PPE or spill control equipment

Quick and easy to use

  • Ready to use formula with no mixing or preparation needed - just shake, pour on, brush in, leave for 20 minutes then rinse with water. It's that simple!

Biological solution

  • Naturally digests oil contamination into harmless CO2 and water

100% biodegradable

  • Naturally breaks down in the environment, leaving no soil residue and with no hazard to grass and plants

How do Biological Oil Stain Removers work?

Our biological oil stain removing products, including OT8, contain specially selected bacteria which digest the oil stain.

While the food source − ie ‘oil stain’ − is present, the bacteria keep on working and continue to do so until it’s all gone!

For the biological cleaning of oil stains to be effective, it requires:

  • Food source for the bacteria to digest, i.e. the 'oil stain'
  • Warm conditions
  • Moist conditions
  • Oxygen
  • The correct bacteria

On the basis that the first four conditions are in place, the bacteria selected for use in our products will digest oil stains - from light oils to heavy crude.

The bacteria used in our products are Euro Type 1 (safe for long term laboratory application and safe for long term general public exposure).

Please note: speed of oil digestion is temperature dependent. At an ambient temperature of 15°C, we would expect the full digestion process to take 4-6 weeks. For every 10°C above or below this temperature, the speed of digestion increase or decrease by 50% i.e. at an ambient temperature of 25°C digestion time of 2-3 weeks would be typical.

For further information, please contact us.

Where to Use

  • Rapidly removes and digests oil stains from surfaces such as block work, paving stones, concrete, forecourts, garage floors, driveways and equipment.
  • OT8 is not suitable for use on hydraulic fluid, synthetic oils and wood oils.

How to Use

OT8 is simple to use and lifts oil stains from most porous surfaces.

  • Shake container well before use (to put bacteria into suspension).
  • Water wet the oil stain before applying OT8.
  • Brush into the stain using a soft brush until OT8 changes colour from off-white to brown.
  • Leave for 20 minutes and water rinse.
  • Approximately 1 litre of OT8 treats 1 square metre.

If using OT8 KIT

  • After rinsing, apply Spill Powder to absorb free oil and prevent spills reaching surface drains.
  • Sweep up and dispose of according to local regulations. Rinse clean.


To download a copy of our OT8 Instruction Leaflet, please click here.


  • OT8 is a biological solution that uses harmless bacteria to remove oil stains from porous surfaces.
  • For best results or for when using on larger stains, cover the treated area with polythene sheeting − ideally making a tent − and keep in place for up to a week. Ensure the area remains damp, but not flooded. Doing this provides a warm and damp environment, giving the bacteria used in OT8 the best conditions to grow and digest the oil into carbon dioxide and water.
  • On old, weathered and ingrained oil stains, the oil stain may “re-appear”. This is because the bacteria in OT8 keep working after application to bring the ingrained oil stain to the surface. Some types of concrete are more easily treated than others and for optimum stain removal it may be necessary for OT8 to be applied more than once, over an extended period of time.
  • OT8 is not suitable for oil stains on Tarmac − please use Bio TA.


Before and after

  •  Oil storage area, Scotland:


  • Customer's blockwork driveway, UK:


  • Runway at Hong Kong Airport:


  • Carpark at Hong Kong Airport:


  • Drain cover in Antwerp:


  • Blockwork at Grangemouth Refinery:


  • Wall at Grangemouth Refinery:


  •  Railway line, Eire:



Customer emails

I have just used OT8 on an 8 month diesel spill and usual collection of engine oil stains on my block paved drive and am absolutely amazed at the results. After an hour's light labour (two small applications) all the stains are virtually gone and peace and harmony is once again restored to the household.

Reading feedback on various sites prior to the purchase of OT8 I am of the opinion that most if not all other products would not have given such outstanding results for such a small amount of work … I would have no hesitation in recommending it without reservation.

Thank you for one of the very few products available today that actually “does what it says on the tin”

Alan Farnaby, UK

I have just used your OT8 oil cleaning kit on my old oil stain in my drive.  There is only two words for it -  ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!

Barrie Knapp, UK

UK Environmental Agency Report

Report on oil digesting bacteria used in OT8

Technical data

  • Appearance
Opaque cream liquid
  • Bacterial count
2.0 x 10⁷ cfu/ml
  • VOC Content
  • Specific Gravity
  • Flash point
  • pH
approx. 5.0

Pack Sizes


  • 1000L IBCs

  • 200L drums

  • 20L containers

  • 4 x 5L containers

  • 12 x 1L containers

      OT8 5L 2016

Kits (including absorbent spill powder)

  • 5 metre2 kit


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