Turbo Charge TFR

Electrostatic Traffic Film Remover - NEW!

A new innovative approach to Traffic Film Removal!

Turbo Charge TFR’s unique electrostatic technology quickly & efficiently repels dirt & grime from surfaces.

Using a unique chemical action, dirt & grease are removed by molecular force, instead of mechanical action - making Turbo Charge TFR the quick & easy solution for vehicle cleaning!

  • Paintwork & glass friendly
  • Dries streak free
  • Readily biodegradable
  • Highly effective at removing oxidised dirt
  • Caustic free
  • Solvent free

How it works

Some new & innovative science has gone into the making of Turbo Charge TFR – but at the heart of the technology is a specialised surfactant formula that works to create a bubble around dirt & grease particles.

Once this happens, using oppositely charged surfactants, our chemistry prevents the particles from clumping together and forces them away from the surface they’re stuck to e.g. a car.

It’s this molecular action which makes Turbo Charge TFR so effective at effortlessly cutting through dirt & grease – helping you clean vehicles quicker.

Where to use

Designed as a high quality, general purpose traffic film remover suitable for use on vehicles including:

  • Motorbikes & scooters
  • Cars & vans
  • Buses
  • Lorries & trucks
  • Tractors & farm machinery
  • Industrial vehicles & machinery
  • Trains & trams

Turbo Charge TFR is particularly good at removing oxidised dirt from alloy wheel trims.


How to use

Manual application:

  • Sponge wash as with traditional car shampoos or detergents.
  • Recommended dilution: 5%-10%, depending on vehicle type and level of soiling.
  • Always rinse off thoroughly with clean water after use.

Pressure washers & foam lances:

  • Recommended dilution: 1-5%, depending on system.
  • Apply liberally at low pressure for several minutes.
  • Rinse off thoroughly at high pressure after use.

HGV & curtain sided lorries:

  • For application by pressure washer, use at a 5% dilution.
  • For cleaning vehicle curtains, apply by pressure washer at a 10% dilution.
  • If brush cleaning vehicle curtains after initial washing, use at a 5% dilution.
  • Rinse off thoroughly at high pressure after use.


On older vehicles and damaged or worn paint film, we would recommend spot testing in an inconspicuous area prior to use. This can be an issue particularly with red paint or associated colours.

Technical data

  • Appearance
Yellow liquid
  • Specific Gravity
  • pH
approx. 10
  • pH @ 10% dilution
approx. 9
  • Viscosity
  • Biodegradability
Readily biodegradable: >60% BOD/COD 20 days

Pack sizes

Pack size Order code     Pack size Order code  
  • 4 x 5L
  • 25L
  • 200L
TFR200  200L CONTAINER 2  
  • 1000L

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