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Sobo Gold

Offshore Approved Aqueous Rigwash − OCNS Gold Standard

A powerful, biodegradable rigwash and oil degreaser that efficiently removes oil and grease contamination.

Sobo Gold is both marine and separator friendly. 

  • A blend of biodegradable surfactants and wetting agents
  • OCNS Gold Standard
  • pH below 9
  • Low to medium foamer


  • Marine friendly
  • Separator friendly
  • pH below 9
  • Low to medium foamer
  • Approved for use in offshore installations: OCNS Gold Standard
  • Biodegradable

Where to Use

  • An Internationally approved (OCNS Gold Standard) offshore rigwash and oil degreaser.  

How to Use

  • Apply by either contact, dip, immersion or spray application.
  • Use as supplied for heavy duty degreasing.
  • Allow a contact time of 2-3 minutes, then rinse with clean water.
  • Dilute to 4−6% for general rig wash activity and janitorial cleaning.
  • Dilute to 2−4% when used as an industrial laundry additive.
  • Maximum dilution: 0.5%.


International Standards

  • OCNS Gold
CEFAS Template
  • Denmark

Registered with Arbejdstilsynetet Produktregistret: PR No. 2100903

Pack Sizes

  • 1000 Litre

  • 200 Litre

  • 25 Litre

  • 4 x 5 Litre



Technical Data

  • Appearance
Pale yellow liquid
  • pH
  • SG
  • VOC Content

The Offshore Chemical Notification Scheme (OCNS) manages chemical use and discharge by the UK and Netherlands offshore petroleum industries and applies to all chemicals which are used in exploration, exploitation and offshore processing on the UK Continental Shelf.

The scheme applies to those “operational” chemicals and products which through their mode of use are expected in some proportion to be discharged, eg. rigwashes and hydraulic fluids.

As part of the OCNS, every three years the hazard assessment of chemical products that are used offshore need to be re-assessed by the Centre for Environment Fisheries & Aquaculture Science (CEFAS).

CEFAS applies a Chemical Hazard & Risk Management (CHARM) model to calculate the ratio of ‘Predicted Effect Concentration’ against ‘No Effect Concentration’.  This allows the product to be ranked in the form of a Hazard Quotient.  Part of this assessment includes toxicity, biodegradation and bioaccumulation.  To allow users to very quickly understand the hazard quotient of a product, CEFAS in the UK use a colour branding system, as follows:

CEFAS table SoboGold

  As you will see, Sobo Gold has been classified by CEFAS as GOLD meaning that it has the lowest possible Hazard Quotient available!  

Other Useful Information

  • For more information on CEFAS, please click here.
  • For information on other European Regulations, please click here.
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