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Lemsolv Wipes

Precision Cleaning Citrus based Solvent Wipes

A solvent based precision cleaning wipe that removes heavy oil and grease from electrical motors and precision components. 

Lemsolv functions as an excellent general purpose degreaser and bench top cleaning solvent. Can also used effectively as a flux remover on PCB screens and jigs. 

  • Residue free
  • Critical cleaner
  • High solvency
  • Dries film free


  • Excellent general purpose solvent degreaser wipes

  • Reasonably fast drying

  • Excellent solvency (60 kV)

  • Dries residue and film free


Where to Use 

  • Excellent for cleaning precision metal components and most solvent resistant plastics.

How to Use

  • Feed first wipe from centre of roll through the lid feeder hole.
  • Wipe over surfaces requiring cleaning.
  • Replace lid after use.
  • Rinse after after application.
  • May soften or swell some soft elastomers, bitumen or rubber sealants. Test before application or call our Technical Department for further information.


Pack Sizes

  • Tubs of 250 wipes (wipe size: 200 x 280mm)
  • Also available in liquid form: Lemsolv

Technical Data

  • Appearance
  Perforated wipes impregnated with pale yellow liquid
  • SG (liquid)
  • Flash Point
  • pH
  • VOC Content
  100% (>30% natural origin)
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