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Bio Gel

Biological Oil Stain Remover - Stones, Gravel & Topsoil

Bio Gel uniquely cleans oil contamination in situ!

A new approach to the removal of oil contaminated gravel and stones as found in oil storage areas, tank bunds, transformer footings and railway lines. 

  • No need for expensive site excavation and offsite treatment
  • Biologically digests oil into harmless CO2 & water
  • Biodegradable
  • Easy to use - simply apply and leave to work 


Successful biological remediation requires appropriate bacteria selection, moisture, warmth and the supply of a suitable food source, i.e. oil contamination: Bio Gel uniquely meets all these needs by combining oil specific biological enzymes and bacteria in a moisture retaining gel.  


  • Treats oil in-situ - therefore no expensive removal of contaminated soil & stones

100% natural

  • Biological solution that digests oil into harmless CO2 & water

Easy to use

  • Apply and leave to work

Environmentally safe

  • Biodegradable- safe for the environment


  • For use on gravel, stones & topsoil

Where to Use

  • A new approach to the removal of oil contaminated from gravel, stones and topsoil as found in driveways and gardens.
  • Also suitable for industrial settings such as oil storage areas, tank bunds, transformer footings and railway lines.


How to Use

  • Stir before use.
  • Pour Bio Gel across the contaminated area and spread evenly.
  • Keep the treated area moist for 48 hours either by covering with a plastic sheet or by gently spraying with water.
  • Depending upon ambient temperature, allow up to 30 days for best results.
  • Turn stones/gravel with a fork and repeat.
  • Typical application rate: less than 2 litres of Bio Gel per square metre.


How do Biological Oil Stain Removers work?

Our biological oil stain removing products, including Bio Gel, contain specially selected bacteria which digest the oil stain.

While the food source − ie ‘oil stain’ − is present, the bacteria keep on working and continue to do so until it’s all gone!

For the biological cleaning of oil stains to be effective, it requires:

  • Food source for the bacteria to digest, i.e. the 'oil stain'
  • Warm conditions
  • Moist conditions
  • Oxygen
  • The correct bacteria

On the basis that the first four conditions are in place, the bacteria selected for use in our products will digest oil stains - from light oils to heavy crude.

The bacteria used in our products are Euro Type 1 (safe for long term laboratory application and safe for long term general public exposure).

Please note: speed of oil digestion is temperature dependent. At an ambient temperature of 15°C, we would expect the full digestion process to take 4-6 weeks. For every 10°C above or below this temperature, the speed of digestion increase or decrease by 50% i.e. at an ambient temperature of 25°C digestion time of 2-3 weeks would be typical.

For further information, please contact us.



Pack Sizes

  • 25kg drums



Before and after

  • Gravel sample:


  • Trial at Crewe Railway Station



Technical data

Appearance Brown viscous liquid
Bacterial count 1.0 x 108 cfu/ml
VOC content
<15% (>10% natural origin)
pH approx. 7
Flash point >93C
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