New Sobo Tank Cleaner - making tank cleaning easier, safer & faster


No more struggling with difficult to use toxic cleaning chemicals. Our Sobo Tank Cleaner is breaking the mould for tank cleaners!


Sobo Tank Cleaner is a powerful solvent degreaser specially designed for easier cleaning of oil storage tanks. It is water rinsable and separator friendly so rinse off is a breeze. It has effective solvency and degreasing in a range of applications and leaves surfaces clean and oil free. 


Safer for the Environment

  • Biodegradable - naturally breaks down in the environment, leaving no soil residue and no hazard to plants - meets requirements of EU Detergents Directive (read more here)
  • Non-toxic and with no potential for bioaccumulation (see our FAQs section here)
  • Low aquatic toxicity, VOC free, D-Limonene free (see FAQs section here)
  • Under the EU classification scheme non dangerous for the Environment.

Safer for user

  • Not classified as a skin irritant or skin sensitiser
  • Not classified as flammable
  • Non toxic chemicals
  • No transport classification required
  • Safe to use on most metal surfaces, painted surfaces and tank coatings


Yes, Sobo Tank Cleaner is safer for the environment and user, but it is still a heavy duty product with a rapid cleaning process. It penetrates and lifts the heaviest of contamination. It is fast-acting for the removal of waxy and residual hydrocarbons.

Further information on Sobo Tank Cleaner can be found here but if you have any questions regarding our new formulation or any other Oil Technics products, don't hesitate to contact us 

 Posted by David Evans, 4th April 2016